Mediterranean Climates and Extremes

We are interested in exploring the common fate and differences of Mediterranean climates worldwide and their response to climate change, and gaining a better understanding of the roles of teleconnection patterns in Mediterranean climate in sub-regions and seasons. In this sense, studies have found contributions from teleconnection patterns to winter Mediterranean climate: the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) over its western areas, the East Atlantic and other patterns over its northern and eastern areas, ENSO forcing selected regions over the Eastern and Western Mediterranean, as well as having other indirect effects in different areas of Europe. Summer Mediterranean climate variability has been found to be connected with both the African and Asian monsoons and with strong geopotential blocking anomalies over central Europe. Therefore, we will mainly focus on the subsequent impacts of teleconnections on variations in Mediterranean climate.

Another important focus of our research deals with improving our understanding of the basic mechanisms driving climate extremes, particularly those related to precipitation and temperature. Under this framework, we will assess, simulate and attribute the key drivers of extremes: variability and change.

Research Themes