Lab of the Atmosphere and the Oceans

The Lab of the Atmosphere and the Oceans (LAO) is the technological unit that manages all the processes related to sampling and generating field data. The LAO will manage all of IC3's atmospheric and oceanic sampling sites and devices, it takes care of the storage rooms, the labs for processing samples, the different analytical labs and the calibration and intercalibration of all equipment and procedures.

The LAO is launching the ICOS atmospheric sites, and has currently one Tall Tower located at La Muela, Zaragoza (LMU) and six measuring sites in Catalonia:
  • Continuous data sites: CRAM (High Mountain Research Center), ROSES and Natural History Museum of Mataró.
  • Flask sampling sites: CREUS (located in Pedres Negres), ELL (located at Llong pond) and BGU (located in Begur).

The LMU Tall Tower is an atmospheric station that contains high precision GHG analyzers and meteo stations at three levels. The flasks sites contain flasks that are sampled (weekly or biweekly) for GHG analysis.

The LAO is made up of a team of scientists with great expertise, working together with laboratories worldwide in order to obtain top quality data via involvement in national and international research projects.

General Objectives:

  • To obtain high quality data about the energy budget and energy transfer that impact the climate system.
  • To characterize the biological, geological and anthropogenic components of greenhouse gases (GHG) and to obtain near-real time data of those GHGs.