Activity and stakeholders

Our institutional goals will be achieved by promoting three interrelated focuses of development:

IC3 undertakes cutting-edge, broad scope research in the field of fundamental climate dynamics, ranging from climate diagnosis to improving climate predictions within subseasonal, seasonal, interannual and longer timeframes. Under this approach, analyzing ocean observations and climate-biogeochemistry interactions and developing coupled ocean-atmosphere-biosphere models are key in understanding the role played by humans in changing the current climate, the long-term evolution of climate variability, as well as in improving our climate prediction potential. This approach also emphasizes the importance of paleoclimate research to provide climate scenarios quite unlike those revealed in the short instrumental record, thus helping to expand our view of the Earth’s climate system and to challenge our conceptual understanding and modeling ability. Finally, IC3 aims to be a leading player in the international arena by focusing on emerging hot topics such as the ability to predict regional climate, particularly for Europe and the Mediterranean region, improving our understanding of climate theory and analyzing climate-biosphere interactions.

Within IC3 we are developing wide-ranging educational programs aimed at a broad audience (from international Masters and PhD courses on climate sciences with extensive coverage of the basics and its applications, to educational tools for elementary schools), in order to promote scientific professions and attract the best students from all over the world. Spreading and communicating climate sciences throughout society is also encouraged as a parallel activity within the Institute, and as a way to create a solid background of climate sciences knowledge for raising awareness and supporting decision makers.

Knowledge Transfer
Our Institute aims to be highly proactive in establishing working partnerships with other research and governmental agencies and fostering application projects from our research members (e.g. developing climate tools, such as the seasonal climate forecasting initiative that is being developed by IC3's Climate Forecasting Unit, CFU). The development of end-user applications is also within the Institute’s remit, for example, early warning systems and other tools and products for adapting to and/or mitigating future climate change effects or emerging threats to human health.


Conceptual Chart of IC3 and our Stakeholders