Vision and Objectives

IC3’s ambition is to be a unique institution by bringing biospheric processes to the next generation of climate information systems, thereby becoming a benchmark within our thematic area.

In accordance with international programs, we are working toward accomplishing the following institutional goals:
  • To increase our understanding of past and present climate variability and change.
  • To produce timely and reliable information on natural climate variability and anthropogenic forcing.
  • To quantify and understand what drives climate change and climate variability.
  • To reduce uncertainty in predictions about future climate and related change.
  • To understand ecosystem and biogeochemical responses to climate change.
  • To develop resources and tools to support policies, planning and adaptive management

In order to meet these goals, IC3 evaluates, understands and predicts climate variability and change by using, collecting and analyzing observational data, accurately diagnosing the observations, and developing and improving climate models to refine the complex Earth system models. IC3 also provides climate information to the public through outreach activities and by developing applications and tools for assessing climate-related risks.