Climate and health workshop in Brazil

A workshop on “the integration of environmental remote sensing products to inform health early warning systems” was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 3-14 February 2014. The workshop was funded by the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), coordinated by Dr. Christovam Barcellos (ICICT, Fiocruz) and Dr. Marilia Sa Carvalho (PROCC, Fiocruz).

Dr. Pietro Ceccato (IRI, Columbia University , USA ) and Dr. Rachel Lowe (IC3, Spain) were invited to lecture during the workshop. Dr. Antonio Miguel Vieira Monteiro (INPE, Brazil) also participated in the activity.

Environmental factors have a significant impact on number of diseases of major importance in Brazil. Although there is a wide variety of environmental remote sensing data available, this data is rarely translated into specific prediction models for health, to inform planning and mitigation actions. The workshop aimed to introduce various tools that can be used to access, display and analyse these data sets, then translate information into indicators to drive disease prediction models.

Students from various post-graduate programmes at Fiocruz and across Brazil participated in the event. The main outcome of the workshop was the development of three pilot studies, focussing on the impact of climate on malaria, dengue and diarrheal diseases, at different spatial and temporal scales, in Brazil.

Further information (in Portuguese) and photos can be found here