• First global conference on health and climate

    09/09/2014 Events

    IC3 researcher Dr Rachel Lowe attended the first ever global conference on health and climate at the World Health Organization, Geneva, 27-29 August, 2014.

  • IC3 Researcher convenes AGU session

    09/12/2013 Events

    IC3 researcher Rachel Lowe co-convened a session “Translating Science into Action: Innovative Services for the Geo- and Environmental- Sciences in the Era of Big Data” at the 2013 American Geophysical Union’s 46th annual Fall Meeting in San Francisco, USA, 9-13 December 2013.

  • Climate and health session in Jamaica

    04/12/2013 Events

  • IC3 member has organized a spring school

    17/04/2013 Events

    Rachel Lowe, a postdoctoral researcher at IC3, is one of the organizers of School on Modelling Tools and Capacity Building in Climate and Public Health.

  • Kick-off meeting for ECOMS

    06/11/2012 Events

    The Catalan Institute of Climate Sciences (IC3) is leader of the SPECS project and prominent partner of EUPORIAS, which are two of three decisive initiatives of the 7th Framework Programme, decisive for the strategic development of European climate services.

  • IC3 at HPC SysAdmin meeting

    16/10/2012 Events

    The HPC SysAdmin meeting took place in Barcelona, from 15-16 October. This meeting was organised by the High-Performance Computing Knowledge Portal (HPCKP) and its aim was to share expertise and strategies on High Performance Computing & Clustering. 

  • IC3 Special Talk on Arctic sea ice

    05/10/2012 Events

    There is a great interest in the Arctic region due to the minimum levels of sea ice this year. In order to address doubts on this highly discussed topic, Virginie Guemas, postdoctoral researcher in the Climate Forecasting Unit at IC3, will give presentation oriented to the broad public with the title "Past, present and future of the sea ice cover in the Arctic" on Friday, 5 October 2012 in Barcelona.

  • IC3 Seminar on ENSO Predictability

    12/06/2012 Events

    For this year's seminar on ENSO, Boris Dewitte from the Research Laboratory of Geophysics and Oceanography (IRD/CNES) will give a seminar on recent changes in El Nino properties. On behalf of IC3, several members of UDIC and CFU, will provide their perspective on ENSO predictability.

  • 2nd Annual CLIM-RUN Meeting

    20/03/2012 Events

    FP7 Climate Services project CLIM-RUN

  • WCRP Workshop on Drought

    03/03/2011 Events

    IC3 collaborates in the organization of the three-day workshop held at CosmoCaixa Barcelona