Events - Record of 2010

  • EUROBRISA Workshop

    14/12/2010 Events

    IC3 Hosting an international workshop on climate research in Barcelona

  • IC3 Talk

    23/11/2010 Research

    Joaquín Muñoz Sabater (ECMWF) "Soil moisture monitoring from remote sensing. First results with SMOS and future plans"

  • IC3 Talk

    15/11/2010 Research

    Emiliano Gelati (Department of Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Denmark), "Reservoir optimisation using El Niño forecasts"

  • IC3 Talk

    28/09/2010 Research

    Carlos Dommar (UDIC, IC3)  "Adaptive systems in ecology, two examples: infection in social networks and coevolution in predator-prey systems"

  • IC3 Talk

    21/09/2010 Research

    Jean Tournadre (Visiting postdoctoral esearcher) "Small iceberg detection in climatology"

  • IC3 Talk

    16/09/2010 Research

    Daniel Cayan (Co-President of Ic3's SAB, "Why California needs an ongoing climate change assessment"

  • IC3 Talk

    14/09/2010 Research

    Miguel Bernal (IEO now @ Rutgers), "From Climate to Fish to Fishers: an integrated approach to small pelagic fisheries"

  • IC3 Talk

    07/09/2010 Research

    Javier García (CFU, IC3) "Study of atmospheric teleconnections associated with oceanic forcings. Influence on the European climate"

  • IC3 Talk

    07/07/2010 Research

    Shlomit Paz (Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Haifa, Israel), "Climate change impact on infectious diseases eruptions– recent case studies"

  • Anella Científica 2010 Meeting

    22/06/2010 General

    Availability of network resources: Oriol Palom "Presentation of IC3as a new institution attached to CESCA" at L’Auditori ESMUC building