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The Institute of Biometeorology (IBIMET) was born in the late 70's in Florence with the objective to carry out applied research in the field of meteorology, in particular for the agriculture and the environment. In these forty years of activity and participating until the early 80s in international programs such as those related to climate change in the European Union, this institution has followed a path marked by the identification of the major issues of our time, often anticipating emergencies and acquiring skills in the technical tools needed to perform the necessary analysis. The Institute has studied and researched applications of numerical models to crops and ecosystems, applications of meteorology to forecasting systems such as those that reduce pesticide use, water and fertilizer, application of methods such as remote sensing by satellite and geographical information systems , the analysis of ecophysiological and biochemical quality of food, turning to the study of the functioning of greenhouse gases in the agroecosystems.

Francesca Ugolini
Danilo Marandola