Tree Rings and Climate (TREE RINGS),

Budget: 241761

Tree Rings and Climate

Marie-Curie International Outgoing Fellowship for Career Development (IOF) on temporal instability of tree-ring/climate relationships, evaluating and understanding the divergence problem and climate stress strength in Boreal and Iberian forests, attributing their causes and deal with their implications for climate.

It is a multidisciplinary project funded by the European Union that will employ biogeochemical techniques using mass spectrometry, dendrochronological techniques and mechanistic models. This project is focused on the study of temporal instabilities in the tree-ring/climate relationships, a critical issue with potential significant implications for the global carbon cycle, forest growth patterns and climate reconstructions. Two temporal instabilities identified in the Boreal and Iberian forests, termed the “divergence problem” and “climate stress strength”, respectively, will be evaluated.
The study at the Boreal forests during the outgoing phase (USA) will allow to develop new techniques and procedures that will be adjusted and implemented to study instabilities at Iberian forests, as well as to reconstruct past climate in the western Mediterranean area, mainly during the return phase (Spain). The project covers disciplines such ecology, plant physiology, climatology and atmospheric sciences within the context of climate change. 

European funded project: FP7: People: International Outgoing Fellowship for Career Development