Climate Local Information in the Mediterranean Region Responding to User Needs (CLIM-RUN),

Budget: 305500

CLIM-RUN is a consortium of European-wide climate institutions coordinated by ENEA (Italy) and consisting of ten work packages. IC3’s Climate Forecasting Unit (CFU) is leading CLIM-RUN work package 7. This work package focuses on analyzing the climate information required over a time period of one to 30 years in areas where renewable energy and electricity generating technologies are rapidly developing. Furthermore, it aims to illustrate how climate information can play an important role in future changes and developments within the energy sector. The case study regions of interest in this WP are Spain, Morocco and Cyprus. CLIM-RUN aims to improve the provision of adequate climate information that is relevant to and usable by different sectors of society, such as policymakers, industry and cities. Unlike current approaches, CLIM-RUN will develop a bottom-up protocol directly involving stakeholders early on in the process, in order to encourage information transfer with experts and identify clearly defined needs at regional to local scale. Information provided by stakeholders will also be used to improve climate modeling so climate research can optimally respond to specific stakeholder needs, and be tested and assessed via relevant, real world case studies. These involve interdependent sectors (tourism, fire, energy) affected by climatic processes.

The region of interest for the project is the Greater Mediterranean area. In Spain, the work will focus on hydropower and solar power plants. IC3 will make up the local team along with engineers investigating the potential and needs of the energy sector. CLIM-RUN is therefore also intended to plant the seed for the formation of a Mediterranean climate service network, which would eventually converge into a pan-European network.

Starting date: 01/03/2011
Final date: 28/02/2014

European funded project: FP7: Cooperation: ENVIRONMENT