Infrastructure for the European Network of Earth System Modelling (IS-ENES2),

Budget: 57420

IS-ENES2 is the second phase project of the distributed e-infrastructure of models, model data and metadata of the European Network for Earth System Modelling.
This network gathers together the European modelling community working on understanding and predicting climate variability and change.
IS-ENES2 combines expertise in climate modelling, computational science, data management and climate impacts.

Foster the integration of the European Climate and Earth system modeling community:
Strengthen ENES governance, further developing its strategy, especially with regards to model evaluation and model developments
Stimulate interactions between global and regional climate modeling communities
Develop training

Enhance the development of Earth System Models for the understanding of climate variability and change:
Network on future model developments required to improve model quality and use of future computing architectures
Stimulate common software developments and providing a service on models and tools

Support high-end simulations enabling us to better understand and predict climate variations and change:
Prepare for future exascale computing architectures
Prepare multi-model high resolution common experiments on the European PRACE high-performance computer facilities
Stimulate collaboration with ICT companies

Facilitate the application of Earth system model simulations to better predict and understand climate change impacts on society:
Enhance the dissemination of model results from both global and regional model experiments
Develop an interface dedicated to the climate impact community and improving the quality of information on simulations through metadata developments and guidance to users
Enhance interaction between the climate modelling activity and users from companies and the emerging climate services

Starting date: 01/04/2013
Final date: 31/03/2014 

European funded project: FP7