EUropean CLimate and weather Events: Interpretation and Attribution (EUCLEIA),

Budget: 138282

Climate change is expected to impact extreme weather in Europe. There is therefore a clear need to adapt effectively to climate change, particularly in Europe, where recent heatwaves, floods and droughts have demonstrated the vulnerability of European citizens to extreme weather. However, scientifically robust information about the extent to which recent extreme weather can be linked to climate variability and change is often lacking.

  • - Provide well verified assessments of the extent to which such weather-related risks have changed due to human influences on climate.
  • - Identify those types of weather events where the science is still too uncertain to make a robust assessment of attributable risk.


EUCLEIA will work closely with stakeholders to establish their requirements for event attribution products, and to help develop climate attribution strategies. Stakeholder groups includes: insurance industry, regional managers, policy makers, general public and legal field


The attribution system developed by EUCLEIA will deliver reliable and user-relevant attribution assessments on a range of timescales:

  • - On a fast-track basis in the immediate aftermath of extreme events
  • - On a seasonal basis to stakeholder groups
  • - Annually to the scientifically prestigious attribution supplement of the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

Starting date: 01/01/2014
Final date at IC3: 01/09/2015

European funded project: FP7