Methane interchange between air and soil over the Iberian Peninsula (MIP),

Budget: 105

The MIP, “Methane interchange between air and soil over the Iberian Peninsula”, is a 3 years project (reference: CGL2013-46186-R) funded by the Ministerio Español de Economia y Competividad, call “Retos 2013?.
The MIP project wants to provide results which will increase the knowledge of the methane source distribution and typology over the Iberian Peninsula and to study the greenhouse gases behavior under different synoptic situations in Spain.
Data and results will be shared with the scientific community in order to improve mitigation in GHGs strategies.
Experimental and modelling studies will be carried out in the MIP to analyse the air masses transport over the Iberian Peninsula (IP), from global to local scale, and the regional methane emissions

Starting date: 01/01/2014
Final date: 31/12/2016

Nationally funded project: Ministerio Español de Economia y Competividad