Kawasaki Disease (KAWASAKI),

Budget: 196250

The Kawasaki project is an international research consortium of research and academic institutions from across Europe. The consortium works together, studying the origin of Kawasaki disease in depth. According to preliminary results obtained by a study carried out by the director of this project, Kawasaki disease seems to have an environmental cause. This project focuses on analyzing this probability by creating and interpreting a Kawasaki disease database. The most up-to-date databases and those with a higher resolution are analyzed in order to find signs of the disease. IC3 has created some specific analysis techniques for this purpose.

The objectives are ultimately focused on building the basis for identifying the agent responsible for Kawasaki disease:
  • - To create a worldwide database about Kawasaki disease incidence
  • - To diagnose the structure of Kawasaki disease in its different morbidity temporal series.
  • - To search for and identify the process that regulates Kawasaki disease incidence in those places where the illness has a higher incidence. To describe the illness’ seasonal and interannual mechanisms.
  • - To analyze the big scale climate patterns and, if necessary, to analyze the synoptic situations at regional level that are associated to epidemic illness peaks.
  • - To create a prediction model for the Kawasaki disease in places with a greater incidence of this illness, as far as is possible and depending on the results obtained from the sections above.

Kawasaki Disease as a hot topic in the Nature Podcast in April 2012 (minute 6:36 till 11:57)

Privately funded project: Fundació La Marató de TV3