Carlos J. Dommar

Contact information:
E-mail: cdommar
Phone: +34 935679977 

Carlos is a theoretical ecologist interested in an integrative application of the methods of nonlinear dynamics, evolutionary game theory, adaptive networks, statistical mechanics and computational approaches, such as individual-based modelling, to tackle fundamental questions in population dynamics and evolution. During his PhD at the University of Potsdam in the Group of Nonlinear Dynamics he has worked both in theoretical models of infectious disease dynamics on adaptive social networks and Red Queen predator-prey dynamics and evolution on niche spaces. He works on theoretical deductive models and attempt to make connections with observational and inductive approaches to better explain the patterns observed in nature.

At IC3 he is interested in the effects of climate change on the spatio-temporal dynamics of infectious diseases and the evolution of virulence, as well as the effect of changing environments on social-ecological systems where the interactions among individuals give rise to complex social behaviour. Of particular interest in this context is, naturally, the study of the dynamics and evolution of human societies confronting scenarios of environmental global change. That said, his current interests could be framed around the investigations of the dynamicaleffects of the external forcing and perturbations, such as climate change, on the so-called Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS).