Claudia Grossi

Contact information:
E-mail: cgrossi
Phone: +34 935679977 Ext. 211

Dr Claudia Grossi is a young researcher working at the Catalan Institute of Climate Sciences (IC3). She obtained a master degree in Physics in 2006 at the University of Naples Federico II in Italy working with radon as tracer for geophysical proccesses. In 2007 she finished a MSc in Radiation Biology at the University College of London, with a master project carried out at the Helmholtz Zentrum München, the German Research Center of Environmental Health. In 2012 she got her PhD at the Technical University of Catalonia, in the program of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation at Institute INTE, with the Doctoral Thesis: 222Rn gas as tracer for atmospheric transport model. Characterization at 100-m-high tower in south-west coast of Spain, where the radon tracer was applied to study air masses movement in the south of Spain and for improvement of atmospheric transport models. Currently Claudia Grossi works at the IC3 as researcher with tasks related with atmospheric GHGs concentrations and use of radon gas as tracer for GHGs studies and analysis of atmospheric processes and, mainly, land surface/atmosphere exchanges og greenhouse gases and tracer. During these last years Claudia Grossi started several scientific collaborations, such as with the LSCE (Paris, France). From January 2014 she is working as Principal Researcher (PI) in the 3 years funded project “Methane interchange between air and soil over the Iberian Peninsula”, reference: CGL2013-46186-R, funded by the Ministerio Español de Economia y Competividad, Retos 2013.