ClimaDat, 25/05/2012

Site: Ebre Delta, Spain

'la Caixa' Foundation, IC3 and the Generalitat de Catalunya inaugurate the first climate change observation site of ClimaDat at the Ebre Delta

The Ebre Delta hosts one of the eight measurement sites within the ClimaDat network (Long Term Climatic Research Sites, LTCRS), which will be located in different natural systems in the Spanish territory and is the first real-time observation site for climate, climate change and its impacts. The structure and density of the CimaDat measurement sites will allow to analyze the impacts at a local, regional and global level. All of the sites will be equipped with instrumentation of the latest generation and provide freely accessible, relevant data almost in real time.

ClimaDat obtains data that will help to understand how the Delta, integrated in the network of the proyect's measurement sites, is influenced by and influences itself the climate system we live in. By that means, the Ebre Delta becomes a "climate sensor" for evaluating how the variability of climate influences the ecosystem of the region. 

In the Ebre Delta, ClimaDat measures the emission and captation of greenhouse gases with metabolic origin: carbon dioxide, absorbed by plants or exhalated by respiration, the methane created when there is not sufficient oxygen to decompose the organic matter, or the nitrous oxide, liberated when there is an excess of nitrate. It also measures the light reflected by reed beds and ponds, variation of temperature during the day, and how the sea conditions the life within the ecosystems by the entry of salts and sulfates. Eventually, through the site it is also observed, how human activity adds to this natural pace, whether by adapting itself to it or distorting it. 

ClimaDat is the result from an collaboration agreement between "la Caixa" Foundation and the Catalan Institute of Climate Sciences (IC3), and aims at the observation and investigation of possible impacts of climate change and the obtainment of the necessary data for creating a greenhouse gas balance at a regional level, that will be both integrated in reference databases at the international scale. For the installation of the observation site in the natural environment of the Ebre Delta, the "la Caixa" Foundation and IC3 have signed an agreement of collaboration with the Departmet of Agriculture, Livestock, Fishery, Food and Environment of the Generalitat de Catalunya. 

For more information please download the official press release.